Looking for addiction help? For yourself or a loved one?

I’m offering FREE SESSIONS of recovery coaching.

Why free? Because I’m collecting the hours I need for my certification as a professional recovery coach.

My goal is to help you:

  • Understand the addiction and how to work with it

  • Get the most effective help available, that also fits what’s best for you

  • Stay motivated and engaged in recovery (even when you don’t want to)

  • Deal with cravings and urges

  • Deal with relapses

  • Handle triggering situations and the stress of recovery

  • Question and replace debilitating beliefs that support the addiction


If you are a family member or friend, I help you:

  • Stop the stress and confusion about what to do

  • Motivate your loved one toward getting help

  • Learn positive methods of communication that support healing

  • Understand the difference between “enabling” and healthy support

  • Learn how to be calmer, healthier and happier within the ups and downs of recovery

I’m completing my studies with Dr. Michael Pantalon of Yale University as a professional addiction recovery coach. The methods we use are on the cutting edge of addiction healing and, although slowly becoming known in the recovery community, are generally not easy to find. The techniques are evidence based, non-judgemental and compassionate. They are compatible with any religious or spiritual orientation.

I’m in my ninth year of recovery. I have travelled this path and I understand what it can be like.

Coaching sessions are one hour each via phone or Skype. They are totally confidential. After only one session, clients will generally gain some clarity and confidence about their next best step. There is absolutely no obligation to continue. Paid sessions generally cost from $60 to $200+ per hour, with other coaches

If interested, contact me here.

Many Thanks! I wish you much joy in your healing journey!