Are you stuck in cycles of painful emotions, thinking and behaviour?

Have you tried to change but keep falling back into the same patterns?

  • Do you have tools for getting unstuck?
  • Do you have tools for healing guilt, shame, anxiety, frustration and despair?
  • Do you have tools for dealing with your addiction(s)?
  • Can you reliably resolve urges and cravings? And doing it in a way that feels good?

Are you looking for a new path through all of that? A path that respects who you are as a person and doesn’t load you up with rules to follow or “programs?”

My name is Ryan Harbert and I’d love to show you another way.

I teach a very powerful process for gaining freedom from these deeply stuck patterns. The method is safe, natural and you’ll experience for yourself, usually immediately, that it works.

Much of my life has been a search for how to deal with painful emotions and stuck patterns, including my own 25+ year addiction (of which I’m 9+ years free). I’m finally at a point where I feel like I have something share with others who struggle. And I’m now very happily dedicated to doing just that.

I offer a FREE 60 Minute Session so you can test it out.

There’s absolutely zero obligation to continue. The session is confidential and professional. It is compatible with any kind of belief system or ideology. It helps you turn inward and find your own answers and your own path to getting unstuck. I absolutely do not give you advice or tell you what to or do. I accompany you and we listen together for the natural healing that IS already there.

I’d LOVE to share such a time with you, even if you don’t want to continue!


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