Ibogaine will not cure you

I hate to say it, but it’s true. Many people tout Ibogaine as a miracle cure. “Just do an Ibogaine session and it’ll fix you,” they say. On certain levels, this might be true. Ibogaine has a spectacular affect on addiction. What drug can nearly wipe out the physical withdrawal (and corresponding suffering) of a profound multi-decade opiate addiction within the space of an hour. That this plant isn’t better known and exhaustivly researched by now is beyond my understanding. I didn’t come to it with with a substance addiction, but with sex addiction. And it blew that away too. (By “blew away,” I mean it weakened my very intense cravings to almost nothing and set me on a path to gain the much healthier life I have now.)

Expect to work hard

But here’s the deal. I worked very hard on healing. I worked very hard on staying away from porn, dissolving triggers, healing trauma, cleaning up relationships, building positive habits, making profound changes to my environment. In short, I worked very hard to stay away from my addiction and build better patterns.

My cravings did come back, but I had such a profoundly helpful push from the Iboga plant, that my efforts finally stuck. And, for sure, it wasn’t easy. Iboga will help, but those of us with long term addictions, life after iboga and without our addiction (our main coping mechanism) will definitely have it’s downs.

Have a plan to continue healing after Ibogaine

Pretend for minute that you will never have access to Ibogaine. You will never receive its help. Pretend also that you MUST absolutely get sober. You must absolutely stop your addiction. You KNOW, for sure, that it cannot continue. What will you do? What will you plan be? (By the way, if you’re not sure how to create a good plan, one that you can be confident in, contact me. I might be able to help.)

Take that plan and start executing on it. Start implementing it well before you do Ibogaine. Act on your plan as if that’s all you got. And, just an aside here, if you use, drink or act out while executing your plan, don’t take that as an reason to give up. Pick up and keep trying. Keep at it until parts of your plan are becoming second nature. Then, when you do Ibogaine, you’ll have some great momentum for picking up where it leaves off. Suddenly, for a time after Ibogaine, you’ll be completely free from your addiction, including the cravings and withdrawal. Suddenly, for a time, you’ll be able to stay clean and easily flow into your new life, and the plan you’ve initiated, along with the new habits you’re building, will already be partly in place.

This is more or less what I did. And it’s what most of the Ibogaine providers are advising. Please take this seriously.

Again, don’t expect it to fix you

It will help you fix yourself. Like Moses did with the Red Sea, it sort of parts the waters of a large and deep ocean. That’s your chance to walk out of there. You can’t dilly-dally or be confused about which direction to go because the water is going to crash back. You have to walk out before that happens.

Expect that most of  triggers will return. How are you going to handle that? Life is going to get stressful and overwhelming again (which is actually pretty normal). How are you going to deal with that? Your girlfriend is going to cheat on you (with your best friend), someone is going to shoot your dog, and your house is going to burn down, all on the same day. When an old friend arrives and, in a seemingly warm and caring way, thrusts a bottle of vodka (or heroine, or meth, or cocaine, or porn) into your hand, how will you handle it?

Ibogaine does not live life for us. It does not clean up our messes. It doesn’t make us wake up happy in the morning. That’s all on us.

So what are your plans?

How are you going to stay sober after Ibogaine when things get tough? How are you going to handle cravings when they come back? How are you going to deal with old triggers (especially very painful ones)? I’d love to hear about what you’re planning — please let me know in the comments below!

By the way, if you’re not completely sure what to do after your Ibogaine treatment, contact me. I care deeply about these issues and I love helping people on their healing journey.

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2 Responses to Ibogaine will not cure you

  1. Friss says:

    A very meaningful article indeed. I am a heavy porn addict and also considering ibogaine in the near future. Ibogaine wont cure me, but it will definitely help me show the way.

    • Ryan says:

      I’d love to hear about your experience if you go the Ibogaine route, both immediately after and then couple years after. Best wishes on your healing path!

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