meMy name is Ryan. I’m on a life-long journey of healing and growth. This has included healing my own long term addiction, which I have been free from for about 9 years.

I’m married and a father of two young girls, which is a beautiful and challenging journey of  itself.

My job, and my ultimate motivation, is to partner with clients and help them move forward in their own healing. I don’t tell anyone what to do or act as some kind of guru or teacher. We listen together, to you, your life and your situation. We go deep, and in doing so find new avenues for healing and growth. Together we find your own powerful impulse for moving out of stuck patterns (including addiction) and into a more fulfilling life.

I’m completing my studies with Dr. Michael Pantalon of Yale University as a professional addiction recovery coach. The techniques we use are compassionate, person centered and evidence based. They are drawn from the the same techniques used in life and executive coaching and are adapted to addiction recovery. They ARE fully compatible with any spiritual orientation.

I’m also completing certification in a healing modality called Focusing. Focusing is a deep way of listening to the wisdom of the body, mind and emotions. This kind of listening, in itself, is deeply healing and has the power to resolve the most intractable of patterns. Though largely ignored in our culture, it is an innate human capacity and powerful catalyst for healing.

I’ve spent a couple decades regularly practicing various forms of meditation and other spiritual disciplines, all in effort to cultivate my own deep healing. I’ve spent six years of intense involvement in Twelve Step groups, including SA, AA, NA, S-Anon, Al-anon, and ACA. I’ve learned from priests, pastors, sponsors, therapists and counsellors.

Most importantly, I’ve traveled the path of healing and I will always be student of it. Without it, I wouldn’t be in my ninth year of recovery, as I am now. I know both the joys and difficulties of the path of healing. One of my greatest honours in life is to share it with others.

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